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Shadows quivered on the wall as the torch flickered, then fizzled to nothing. Sadara could hear his companion unsheathe his sword as the less experienced watchman fumbled with his flint and steel. Each time he struck them together, the cavern lit up, and he could see the light reflected off his own and his companion’s Ardrean steel armor.

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Dragonsong Banner

by: Jill Carter


Her breath was coming fast and she struggled to keep her composure as her heart fluttered. Standing on the dance floor in full regalia, surrounded by dozens of her fellow Fancydancers, Amelia knew the moment she’d practiced so hard for was only seconds away. She could see her grandma waving from the audience, but the little old woman was barely tall enough to be seen.

Amelia snapped back to attention as the drums started to beat, and she began to sway in time with all the other girls. As the music picked up speed, so too did the dancers, until everything around her was a rainbow of shawls, beaded jewelry, and feathers. Losing herself in the music, she danced like she never had before, her smile bright and her eyes shining.

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Chapter 3 – Valos

The High Lord of Acariel Forest walked beside Satos’kyr, his crimson doublet, breeches, and cape accented by silver buttons, belt, and clasp, the last of which was wrought in the shape of a kingfisher. Beside the Whitescale he seemed a dwarf despite his height, his auburn-haired head several feet short of the Dragon of Aladria’s shoulder. However, this was not cause for him to strain his neck, for no man dare look a Dragon in the eye, not even Valos Dragon’s Friend. Nearly of an age with Ralius Khalterian, the High Lord of Acariel Forest was slim and long of leg. His sharp features and understanding eyes retained the comeliness he’d had in his youth, but the faint smile lines and beginnings of crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes betrayed the truth of his age. Though he did not doubt he could grow a truly kingly beard, Valos preferred to keep himself clean-shaven, claiming that it better became a man of court.

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Chapter 2 – Vatares

Taeron Vekoryath, Thane of the West, had been bedridden with illness for days, his health steadily decreasing as the time of his death approached. The elder of his twin sons, Vatares, had already taken up the responsibilities of Thane in his father’s place, and understood that it would not be long until he held his father’s position not only in practicality, but in title as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Chapter 1 – Ralius

The sunrise at Northwatch Keep was a particularly beautiful one that day. Fingers of green spread slowly across the deep blue sky, like a myriad of roads that all converged on one point, far on the eastern horizon. Two figures were silhouetted against Tyres’s first light, as they walked along the castle’s battlements. Though they were about equal in height, their likeness ended there. One was fully adorned in Ardrean steel, from head to toe. His helmet was uniquely fashioned with two large drake claws; black, visceral talons that curved some six inches toward the back of his head. This showed not only his rank, but also his position as Commander of the Guard of Northwatch Castle. The other wore a black drake scale vest over red silk, a traditional red skirt, striped with jet-black, and a golden circlet around each wrist and ankle. His long, black hair was pulled back into a braid and hung over the high collar of his vest, to end between his shoulder blades. He had the high, wide cheeks, broad jaw, almond shaped brown eyes, very tanned skin, and prominent nose of a highborn Eastfolk, all of which was complimented by his high arched eyebrows and short beard that came forward in a point. Read the rest of this entry »

Amaralia Map

Prologue – Vulnero

After he had stripped his left arm of its expensive steel gauntlet and pauldron, the pain there had reduced to a dull throb. Vulnero would have made a truly morbid sight, had anyone been in the valley with him, but as it was, the lordling stumbled alone over rock and hill, past streams and trees. Somewhere beneath the mind-numbing ache of every muscle in his body crying out for respite, as it had for days now, a voice in his mind told him not to stop. I’ll live if I just make it as far south as The Dragons’ Teeth. Even now he could feel the sword in his hand, though it hung sheathed from his hip, slicing viciously through rocky exoskeleton and meaty muscle beneath. Still hear the shrill scream of those creatures as if he cut through them even now. Read the rest of this entry »


Dragonsong takes place in a diverse and magical world, where fledgling cultures are ruled over by divine Dragons, knights swear oaths to their High Lords, powerful Thanes command armies of Eastfolk, elf-like Taryl dwell in the old forests, and Shadows hide beneath The Dragons’ Teeth Mountains. The story itself follows the paths of several diverse characters, all of whom find themselves in the shadow of a great wave of change rushing headlong toward the continent.