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Dragonsong Banner

by: Jill Carter

Chapter 3 – Valos

The High Lord of Acariel Forest walked beside Satos’kyr, his crimson doublet, breeches, and cape accented by silver buttons, belt, and clasp, the last of which was wrought in the shape of a kingfisher. Beside the Whitescale he seemed a dwarf despite his height, his auburn-haired head several feet short of the Dragon of Aladria’s […]

Amaralia Map

Prologue – Vulnero

After he had stripped his left arm of its expensive steel gauntlet and pauldron, the pain there had reduced to a dull throb. Vulnero would have made a truly morbid sight, had anyone been in the valley with him, but as it was, the lordling stumbled alone over rock and hill, past streams and trees. […]


Dragonsong takes place in a diverse and magical world, where fledgling cultures are ruled over by divine Dragons, knights swear oaths to their High Lords, powerful Thanes command armies of Eastfolk, elf-like Taryl dwell in the old forests, and Shadows hide beneath The Dragons’ Teeth Mountains. The story itself follows the paths of several diverse characters, all of whom find themselves […]


After nearly four years since my last one, I have now officially undertaken the writing of a new novel, hopefully to be the beginning of my first series. The series is called the Chronicles of Amaralia, and the novel’s working title is Dragonsong.