Jordan Painter

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Prologue – Vulnero

After he had stripped his left arm of its expensive steel gauntlet and pauldron, the pain there had reduced to a dull throb. Vulnero would have made a truly morbid sight, had anyone been in the valley with him, but as it was, the lordling stumbled alone over rock and hill, past streams and trees. […]


Dragonsong takes place in a diverse and magical world, where fledgling cultures are ruled over by divine Dragons, knights swear oaths to their High Lords, powerful Thanes command armies of Eastfolk, elf-like Taryl dwell in the old forests, and Shadows hide beneath The Dragons’ Teeth Mountains. The story itself follows the paths of several diverse characters, all of whom find themselves […]


After nearly four years since my last one, I have now officially undertaken the writing of a new novel, hopefully to be the beginning of my first series. The series is called the Chronicles of Amaralia, and the novel’s working title is Dragonsong.