Jordan Painter

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Shadows quivered on the wall as the torch flickered, then fizzled to nothing. Sadara could hear his companion unsheathe his sword as the less experienced watchman fumbled with his flint and steel. Each time he struck them together, the cavern lit up, and he could see the light reflected off his own and his companion’s […]

Dragonsong Banner

by: Jill Carter


Her breath was coming fast and she struggled to keep her composure as her heart fluttered. Standing on the dance floor in full regalia, surrounded by dozens of her fellow Fancydancers, Amelia knew the moment she’d practiced so hard for was only seconds away. She could see her grandma waving from the audience, but the […]

Chapter 3 – Valos

The High Lord of Acariel Forest walked beside Satos’kyr, his crimson doublet, breeches, and cape accented by silver buttons, belt, and clasp, the last of which was wrought in the shape of a kingfisher. Beside the Whitescale he seemed a dwarf despite his height, his auburn-haired head several feet short of the Dragon of Aladria’s […]